Wrapping up Idaho


Hey everybody! We're still alive and working to finish up the next EP in the Tri-State Series -- Idaho! Once electric guitars are tracked, we'll go over a few odds and ends to get this thing mixed, mastered, and released to the masses.

We're really proud of what we've gotten done on it so far and can't wait for you to hear it! As Matt is the member of the band from Idaho, he had a big hand in helping us craft the sound that he thinks embodies the stark (I really wanted to say starch) contrasts of the mountains, lakes, and deserts found in the potato capital of America. That's not to say pinpointing a direction for Idaho didn't have its challenges (its borders do not contain the blues and/or country music metropolises of Memphis and/or Nashville), but the Gem State still provided lots of inspiration to work with. 

Still wondering what Idaho has to offer? Here are some fun facts from Matt:

+ Idaho has more rivers than any other state
+ 38% of the state is covered in forests, more than any other state
+ Shoshone Falls, located in Idaho, are taller than Niagara Falls
+ Evil Knievel once attempted to jump Hell's Canyon
+ The Television was invented in Idaho
+ The Idaho Capitol Building is heated by geothermal water (hawt)
+ Wallace, Idaho, a town of less than 800 people, once declared itself the center of the Universe.

So there you have it! Idaho has a lot to offer. If you've been to any shows semi-recently, you've probably heard the songs that will be on the album. The track listing looks something like this:

- Turn on the Light
- Pay Day
- Morning Light
- Idaho (Instrumental)
- Closing Doors
- Earth's Not Singing

That's it for now! We look forward to finishing this up and hearing what you think! Feel free to hit us up on the socials and let us know how you're doing! I'll do better updating the blog here too. Thanks y'all!